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Vision Statement

Vision Statement

Vision Statement

“Inspiring and challenging people to be who God originally created them to be; discipling them to find their place in God’s Kingdom and their community, mature in their faith, and live up to their maximum potential.”


“To radically build and Apostolically pioneer a global community of progressive ministries, businesses, and leaders focused on impacting the world at large with the gospel of Christ manifested in social, cultural, and spiritual reformation solely aimed toward the future.”

History & Heart of KLEFI

  Kingdom Life Empowerment Fellowship International is an Apostolic Network of Apostles, Prophets, Pastors, Ministers, and churches birthed out of the ministry of Apostle Christopher Montgomery in August 2002. Apostle Chris founded K.L.E.F.I with a vision to provide a spiritual covering for ministers, ministries, churches, and organizations which can develop, equip, resource, and empower men and women of God who operate in five-fold ministries, and many other leadership roles.

  Apostle’s heart is for ministers, entrepreneurs, laymen and their families alike to become all God created them to be, so that they can do all that God called them to do, fulfilling their destiny! Apostle’s goal for K.L.E.F.I is that it be a relational fellowship which provides opportunities for personal and leadership development through impartation, resourcing, mentoring, accountability, and restoration. He believes that one of the greatest needs in the Body of Christ today is for true apostolic covering by spiritual fathers, who impart and mentor a new generation of mighty men and women of God.

What we are about...


•Manifesting and Ministering The Gospel of the Christ through various demonstrations of Holy Spirit.

•Pioneering and Trailblazing into the future

•Radical Transformation of both the individual AND their community

•Bridging the gap between generations thereby fostering a well-rounded movement of global impact

•Leadership Development & Continued Education

•Relational Community facilitating Peer Accountability

•Healthy Family Lives

•Doctrinal Integrity concerning The Holy Scriptures

•Verifiable and Noticeable Growth

•Economic Empowerment & Growth Coupled with Fiscal Stewardship

•Creativity in our expressions of love and worship to our God

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